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Worried about needing to cancel your Laser Tag event?

Sometimes, life happens and plans need to change, and we fully understand that! 

While our deposit is a non-refundable payment, any event cancellation can be made up to 10 days before your event without any further fees. 

Where possible we will always try and reschedule an event rather than cancel it - your deposit can be held to reschedule an event to any time within 12 months of the original event.

Weather takes a turn? We will coordinate with you to discuss options and decide if the weather is unsafe to go ahead - if this happens, we will happily reschedule to another day, or discuss refund options. 

Our Cancellation Policy:

- Cancelling an event 72 hours or less; LaserTag 2U will NOT refund your event fees.

- Cancelling an event between 72 hours  - 10 days, LaserTag 2U will refund you 50% of the event fees. (Not including the deposit).

- Cancelling an event 10 + days, LaserTag 2U will refund your event fees. (Not including the deposit).

If you have any other questions or concerns, please get in touch!

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