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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a fun, competitive group activity that provides all the excitement of paintball but with none of the mess (or bruises!). Two teams play against each other to tag the most people in the time allowed, using the medic boxes to revive if they are deactivated after too many tags. There are sensors on the phasor (laser gun) and a headband each player will wear, to act as targets for the lasers.

How Old Do You Have To Be?

We provide parties from age 8, including 7-turning-8. Generally children under 7 find it difficult to manage the weight of the phasors.

For ages 7-9 we recommend no more than an hour length party.

What Equipment Is Included?

A standard package with us includes one phasor for every player specified, and a medic box for each team, as well as any obstacles needed to make the terrain a fun and exciting place to play. This will include a mix of inflatable and freestanding barrier obstacles, and we will assess the number needed based on the space and number of players - the charge does not change by the number of obstacles needed, only the number of phasors. Often we will have a handful of extras available in case of technical issues, or last-minute additions.

Your package will also include the facilitator(s) needed to run the Laser Tag games.

We have a number of optional extras and upgrades available, including disco lights, music, smoke grenades, and camouflage facepaint - check out our upgrades here!

How Do I Find A Venue?

We are able to set up in a variety of venues, and are happy to help you find one if needed. If you already have a venue in mind, we will take a look and assess it for your group size to see if it's suitable. Often we will use school sports halls, community halls, outdoor pitches, or woodland areas. We are also very happy to set up in your back garden if it's big enough for our needs!

Please keep in mind that Laser Tag requires plenty of space to run around, and if your venue is too small upon arrival we may decide to play smaller groups at one time for safety purposes. Rest assured, we will make sure everyone has plenty of opportunities to play!

We are unable to set up Laser Tag events in public parks and spaces without permission from the local council.

What Do Your Parties Involve?

We will arrive at your venue around 30-45mins ahead of time to set up our equipment. When everyone is ready to start, we will do a quick safety and instructional briefing to the players to explain the rules of the game and how the phasors work. The group will be split into teams, and the games will begin!

Depending on the duration of your event, we'll play several rounds of 10-15minute long games, checking both team and individual scores between each game. We may mix up the teams, or the game types, to keep things interesting and everyone having fun!

At the end, we will need around 30 mins to pack up - this is a great time for birthday parties to do cake, food, etc in the venue. Once we're packed up, we will be on our way, leaving you to enjoy the rest of your event!

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What If We Have Last-Minute Extra Players?

We can usually add players to your package any time up to 3 days ahead of your event. We will also usually have a handful of extra phasors on hand that can be used if needed - any extra players added will be billed for after your event, or can be paid for on the day.

We are unable to reduce package sizes within 7 days of the event, as we will have already allocated staff and equipment.

How Far Will You Travel?

Anywhere and everywhere! We'll travel all over the UK for events, and charge a travel fee of 55p per mile return trip. 

Is It Safe?

Our Laser Tag equipment is fully safe - it uses infra-red technology and LED lights that will not damage your eyes. We will assess the venue space for safety as needed, and avoid any areas that may be unsafe. If you or your venue have any concerns, we would be happy to discuss them with you.

What If It's Raining?

Then you'll get wet!

We're happy to keep playing in light/average rain. If the weather worsens, our staff will review matters of safety with you, and if needed will finish early or reschedule the event for another day.

Are You Insured?

Yes; we have full Public Liability insurance for all of our activities; please let us know when you book if you will need a copy of our certificate.

Still have questions? Please get in touch!

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