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Package Options

We can provide an exciting Laser Tag event for your school, university, scout group, church, or youth group! ​Our packages charge by the number of phasors (laser guns) used, not by the number of players using them - so if you have a large group, don't fear! We can play multiple smaller groups throughout the session to make sure everyone gets plenty of time for Laser Tag fun!

All packages will depend on the size of your venue, as we can only play group sizes that will fit safely within the space. Please get in touch to discuss venue options if you're unsure.

Schools, Scouts and Youth Groups

We provide Laser Tag for boys and girls ages 8+, and have worked with many schools, scout groups, youth organisations and religious groups to put on fantastic events for groups of all sizes!


We will come and play multiple 10-15min rounds of Laser Tag to fit within your session time - this can either be with the same group of players several times over, or rotating out groups (for example, having 90 players in a 1.5hr session, with 3x30min sessions of 30 players at a time. Each group will get 2-3 rounds in their session)

We can also play tournament-style groups if you wish, playing different teams against each other throughout the session. 

Minimum session length is 1 hour. For a quote, please send us an email with the details of your booking.

We are also able to offer a 10% discount to any organisation with a registered charity number.


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Fundraisers and Public Events

Whether you're putting on a charity event, a school fete, or a Freshers social, our mobile Laser Tag works great for all occasions! Indoor or Outdoor, we have top of the range equipment for kids and adults alike.

Let us know how many players you'd like to have at a time, or let us decide based on your venue size, and we can set up for an exciting Laser Tag experience that will have all your guests delighted. Either you can have groups sign up for time slots ahead of time, or we'll set up and take players as they come - our set-up is very flexible, to suit all kinds of events. 

If you are providing a ticketed event, we would be happy to discuss a revenue share option for payment - or you can pay our package rate and you get to keep all the ticket money! 

We are also able to offer a 10% discount to any organisation with a registered charity number.

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Corporate Events

Laser Tag isn't just for kids! Many of our bookings are office parties, corporate events, team-building events, and stag or hen parties. Our gear is suitable for adults of all ages.

Whether you have a venue booked, would like us to help you find one, or want to play in your office space, we can make it happen!

We can play groups of almost any size, and tailor our set-up to whatever you need to make your event a resounding success. 

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